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The Design Service Alliance (DSA) is an alliance between Sellafield Ltd and major contractors in the nuclear supply chain that provides pragmatic and innovative solutions with access to suitably qualified and experienced resources to support Sellafield Ltd in their risk and hazard reduction strategy. 


The strategic objective of the DSA is “to engage the right members of the supply chain to form a collaborative value-driven relationship, focused on delivering the Sellafield Life Time Plan with the goal of accelerating projects, delivering efficiency and maintaining secure access to the supply chain”.          


The Sellafield Ltd gated process manages the progression of projects from conception to operation. The process involves a series of levels of “Technology Readiness”. The DSA is active from the studies stage through to detail design, providing through-life design and safety case engineering support. This means that services the DSA subcontracts will also cover these stages of the Sellafield Ltd gated process.


The DSA can provide assistance in defining the probelm, developing acquisition strategies as well as delivering testing and test rig projects and also provide technical support for procurement, construction, installation and commissioning activities.


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